The Play   

WISTERIA is a new musical being written by Faith Page and Jack Turner.

Wisteria is set in "Old Araby" around 1500, the time of the Arabian Nights, of magic carpets, and of  romance! Described as a cross between "Romeo and Juliet" and "Aladdin," Wisteria is a play about love at first sight, about blossoming emotions, and about old souls reuniting. The play concerns itself with the gamut of emotions from infatuation, self sacrifice, and betrayal to introspection, loneliness, and lust. 

With music that has been compared to that of Gilbert and Sullivan, and other music that is quite unique, you will be swept away into the world of Layla and Ghanna, two young, star-crossed lovers. The musical gets its name from the Wisteria plants growing outside the windows of the heroine, Layla. 

As of the time of this writing (November 2011), the music and book are both about 90% complete. Faith and Jack both work full time, and spend much of their free time trying to complete the work on this and other projects. Please feel free to browse this web site and learn all you'd like to know about the mystical world that Ghanna, Layla, and all their friends and foes inhabit.